Jon Ferlise

Co-owner, Chief Strategy Officer, Lead writer

Jon is a passionate and long-time Chicago Cubs fan who grew up watching the Cubs on WGN. He’d hang around with other kids (mostly Cubs fans) in his neighborhood and play stickball before and after day games and whenever there were off days during the summers in Omaha, Nebraska.

Wyatt and Jon
My son, Wyatt, taking his first steps into Wrigley Field. A day I will never forget.

In the Spring of 2016, Jon decided to create a Cubs blolg. After struggling to determine the right name, one that would convey his love for the Cubs and be something that other fans could relate to as well, Jon decided on the name Cubs Kingdom. That name resonated with him because he believes that if you’re a true Cubs fan then you know, deep in your heart, that the Cubs will eventually rule the baseball world, they will be kings and that world will be the Cubs’ kingdom.

In January of 2017, Jon made the smartest move of his short blogging career by partnering with Evan Altman at Cubs Insider. The rest is history in the making.

If you ever have any questions or comments you can reach Jon by leaving him a message here.

Thanks for reading and Go Cubs!!

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