Brennen Davis Apparently Inactive with Any Minor League Groups in Camp

Brennen Davis has been snakebit by injuries throughout his professional career, the latest of which came when he was hit in the head by a pitch during a spring training game. The outfielder was placed in concussion protocol and then assigned to minor league camp, but now appears to be inactive again. According to Arizona Phil, Davis is not with Triple-A Iowa and isn’t part of the rehab group either.

What’s more, Davis has been replaced on the Iowa group’s roster by Cole Roederer, who was moved up from Double-A Tennessee. AZ Phil, who follows these things more closely than anyone, further noted that these moves would not have taken place if it was just a matter of limiting Davis’s activity or attending to a personal matter for a few days.

I won’t speculate further on what could be causing the absence other than to say I hope Davis is eventually able to get healthy and return to game action. Dude’s got a ton of talent and deserves a shot to see what he can do with consistent play.

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